Get simply stunning, strategic & powerfully feminine brand & WEB design that reflects your passion, vision & values


One of my favourite clients is a luxury cake designer who struggled getting on the recommended suppliers list at high-end venues. Her cakes are gorgeous, but her brand style  and website didn’t match them, which sent the wrong message and made it hard for her to attract the people she wanted to work with.

Maybe you can relate to that?

Maybe, deep down, you know your business is stuck, because your online visual identity isn’t truly reflecting who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve?


All the passion, talent and sales tactics in the world won’t propel you forward if your brand & website fall short.



I designed my client’s brand and website with the right style and strategy that sent the right message to the right people. She’s now on the recommended suppliers list for some of the top, most luxurious high-end venues, and she’s booking the type of clients she’s always wanted to work with.


In a visual world, first impressions matter & you only have a tiny window of opportunity to make a good one

Your talent deserves to be seen and your business deserves to get past the snap judgements that, unfortunately, people make, so you can truly leave your mark on this world.

I devise the strategic pathway and design the pretty that will appeal to your potential clients and propel your business forward

I understand that you’re a woman coming into her own and that you have real past experiences that have made you who you are and played a part in the mission you have.

I know your “why” is about more than earning big (even though that’s a basic desire and a beautiful part of your entrepreneurial spirit).

Let's bring strategy and style to your brand identity and website

If you want to:

  • Be taken more seriously, so people stop trying to bargain with you, keeping you stuck at your current income level…
  • Create a strong and beautiful brand that you are proud of, love and feel connected to

  • Have a website that is strategically designed to meet your objectives

  • Keep your business moving forward, so you have more time to spend with those precious to you and more freedom to do the things you love.

  • Speak to the right clients and attract a multitude of them

  • Have greater confidence in your online presence, so that you can easily and confidently step up your game even more

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract new customers, so you can truly cut it in the big leagues

  • Create a brand framework that puts your heart and your ideal clients’ hearts at the centre of your business, so your brand is about you AND them

Then, my lovely, linger here a moment longer...

Let me help you visually connect with your audience on a human level so that what you have touches them & draws them to you



Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a brand stylist and web designer who makes your business look amazing, so you can feel amazing in it.

But, what I do goes deeper, so that you have a truly impactful brand and website that stand out and leave an imprint in the marketplace and in your customers’ minds.

Imagine sending potential clients to a gorgeous website that guides them through a strategic pathway, knowing that you’re going to connect with them and make a real impact.

Imagine how you would feel to hand over beautifully branded materials to a potential client.


"Thanks to the rebrand, women are calling and booking just because of the brand identity. And it's attracting the right clients — the ideal clients. Ones who are excited, enthusiastic, passionate, humble, curious and willing to listen and learn..."

- Kim Evazians Modern Geisha

unnamed (2).jpg

Working with Verity Road means I will

  • Identify the branding and web design mistakes that might be holding your business back and fix them with a beautiful, consistent and strategic new brand and website that shouts YOU

  • Dig deep to better understand your brand and more clearly communicate your visual message

  • Pinpoint your ideal clients’ likes and dislikes and what resonates with them (because they’re the ones keeping you in business)

  • Put substance behind your pretty and introduce visual storytelling that sticks like glue in your customers’ minds

  • Create a brand that shows your clients the amazing experience they’ll have by choosing you, so you can build your thriving and successful empire

  • Design a website that brings both style and strategy to attract the ideal clients and achieve your objectives

Be seen as the true professional that you are, get recognised across social media, attract more of the right clients, but most importantly...

Powerfully present the business that sets your soul on fire

When I begin working with you, I take you through detailed intake questionnaires to truly identify who you want to attract, what you stand for, your story, and what you want to achieve. If you know you need to elevate your visual brand presence, so it speaks your true message and attracts the right audience, take a peek at the packages I’ve created with you in mind:


the stand-alone brand

For the entrepreneur who doesn’t want cutting corners to cost you anymore, this is for you. From your font to your colour palette to the textures you use to your logo design a custom and intentional brand that fits you perfectly. It’s about more than hiring out for a logo, it’s about creating a consistent brand identity and a  full brand design.


bespoke web design

This package is for you if you want your newly styled brand identity applied in a beautiful, professionally designed custom website that reflects the heart and soul behind your business.



digital, social + printed collateral

Apply your new brand style digitally, on social media and in print with individual brand collateral and marketing pieces. These can be quoted on an individual basis or in a package customised to your needs.


I work with a limited number of clients each year to ensure I give my full commitment and attention to each project.  I also make sure that we’re a good fit before I take you on as a client.


So, if you want:

  • A bespoke visual brand identity that allows you to stand out from your competitors and leave your mark

  • A fully custom website that layers style upon a strategic pathway

  • A professional and heart-centred brand that people take seriously

  • Clients who will willingly pay the prices you deserve for your services

  • A visual brand presence that allows you to lead with your heart and personality, but is built on the foundation of solid psychological, business, and purchasing principles

  • To finally polish the most recognisable part of your business and differentiate yourself in the industry, so you can effectively market yourself

  • To break through that barrier you keep hitting and reach the next level of success

  • Experience the freedom of bringing the best version of yourself and your business to the world, so you can show up unrestricted and unrestrained…

... and you're a woman who:

• acts from where she wants to be

• Has a passion in her heart to succeed

• Isn’t afraid to invest in herself and her business, because you know it always brings greater growth

then, Beautiful...


"Sarah not only knows and understands her industry, her commitment, passion and professionalism forms the rest of an “ideal package". She has created a flawless brand for something I am hugely passionate about, and very proud of,  and I truly love it."

- Tasha, founder of The Hampshire Wedding Club


Ready to create a brand and website that makes a bigger impact?


  • Why don't you work with everyone?
    • Before we begin our work together, I make sure we’re a good fit and connect well. Just like every individual is unique, every business is unique and I may not be the right fit for you. I believe in working with people whom you gel with, so there is true passion and commitment behind each project which is reflected in the designs. .
  • I noticed you don't offer just a logo design; why is that?

    • If I just offered a logo design option, I would be doing you a disservice, because that isn’t a brand identity that can truly help you elevate your business. What I do involves so much storytelling and really helps you dig out the substance behind all of the pretty, so you can effectively reach the women you want to touch and help.
  • How can I be sure you'll be able to create something that I love and that you really understand me?

    • As you’ll see above, my process is thorough and I spend a great deal of time getting to know you, following you on social media, and understanding your business, goals, and heart. You curate the inspiration, receive a mood board to sign off on, and will be involved every step of the way.
  • What is your availability?

    • I am typically booked out 2-4 months in advance, but reach out to me to find out what my current availability is.
  • How long does it take?

    • While every project is different and has an estimated project duration, to be safe, I estimate 8-12 weeks for a complete brand and website project.
  • Is there a payment plan?

    • Yes, you pay a 40% deposit upfront and then the final 60% balance in two or three instalments.

“The branding Sarah created totally reflected my personality, my style of photography and I knew it would attract my ideal client. I am so happy with the results and cannot recommend her enough.”

- Amber Leach, Liberty Pearl Photography

"Working with Sarah has been absolutely AMAZING! When I received the first draft of my branding board I seriously couldn't believe it. It blew my expectations out of the water. They were beautiful! Not only that but she helped me figure out who my ideal client is and how important my branding is to attract them!"

- Lupita Santana, Lupita & Co