3 Reasons You're Not Getting the Results You Want From Your Website

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THREE seconds.

You have a MAXIMUM of three seconds to capture a potential client’s attention when they click onto your website.

Ask yourself, how often do you make a judgement on a business or entrepreneur based on their visuals?

How often do you click off a website that’s difficult to navigate?

You need to use those three seconds if you want three more, five more, and especially if you want them to read your stuff and buy from you.

Fact: People like you and me are busy - let's be honest, also kind of lazy - and we make a snap judgement based on appearances. (You may think you don’t, but it’s an inherent trait we have as humans).

Take a look at these three key problems I see time and time again, and see if they resonate:

  • You're trying to show you are professional but you look amateur
  • You look trying to sell high-end but you look budget 
  • You have end goals but no strategy in place

What can I do about it?

1. Capture your clients attention with a beautiful visuals that says the RIGHT thing to the RIGHT people (because it might be beautiful but speak to someone entirely different than your dream clients).

Not only do you draw in the right people, you also demonstrate subconsciously that you believe in yourself, that you’re worth investing in (why would people invest in you, if you don’t invest in yourself? 

TIP! Make sure your attract them visually above the fold if you want them to scroll.

2. Make it easy for them to find out how you can help: aka get them to buy from you.

Don’t make them search or hunt or guess through your website. Because they won’t. They don’t want to be made to think (just like you don’t either). They’ll click close and go to your competition who have stunning visuals and a website which is super easy to follow and therefore buy from.

TIP! Always keep your end goals in mind. You are guiding them along a path to a destination of your choice.

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