DIY Branding: 6 Key Colour Personalities (+ A Free Palette Guide!)

In the DIY branding series, we have covered fonts and today it's colour!

Colour psychology plays an important part in marketing because it can influence our decisions and opinions before words have even been processed. It’s not enough to choose a palette you think looks nice, because it might not convey your message and appeal to your target audience.

This is not to say this is a one-size fits all formula, but here I will cover six colour personalities to help you get the best effect from your branding.

 DIY branding for your small business, six key color personalities from feminine and pretty to deep jewel tones, bright bold colors and earthy hues in color palettes. Perfect for women in biz, creative female entrepreneurs, bloggers and start-up businesses looking to design a brand on a budget, create a logo and build a cohesive online presence on social media and printed materials.

1. Soft & Light

Businesses that use a pretty and soft colour palette tend to embody femininity, romance, compassion and calm. A wide range of colours are used, just in a lightened shade: pastel pink, baby blue, lemon yellow, mint, lilac, peach and beige. The offset black is usually lightened to a charcoal to soften the impact. Colour palettes in this personality are often used by wedding professionals, maternity and baby businesses, and businesses targeting women with a love of femininity.

2. Bright & Bold

Bright colours, such as cobalt blue, hot pink, red, and turquoise, grab people’s attention and make a statement with their air of happiness and energy. They can be used in conjunction with softer colours to add a dash of liveliness to an otherwise feminine palette. Many online biz coaches, such as Melyssa Griffin and Sarah Morgan, use this colour personality.

3. Deep Jewels

One demonstration of luxury palettes is to use rich, sumptuous jewel tones to capture the essence of exclusivity - and expense. Colours such as burgundy, teal, forest green, navy and black are frequently offset with metallics, such as gold, silver and copper. These are often used by classic jewellers, high-end fashion, and limited edition ranges will often use these colours for that exclusive product.

4. Modern Luxe

While equally as luxurious as the deep jewel tones, modern luxe is typically depicted in monochrome, simple, neutral palettes including white, ivory, stone, latte, mink, slate, charcoal and black. Types of brand to use these modern luxury palettes tend to be feminine, such as Chanel and jewellers Pandora.

5. Natural & Warm

Tones of moss green, olive green, terracotta, golds and browns give a real earthy feel to brand design. Often used for businesses that revolve around the outdoors, they have a simple, cosy warmth to them. Businesses in the catering industry who are passionate about the healthy origins of their produce often use this colours because of their close ties to nature.

6. Soothing & Calm

Ahhh… if silence had a colour palette, I think it would use these tones! Cool blues, aqua, lavender, purple and fresh whites make me feel relaxed and ready for a spa day. Which, as it happens, is why spas, retreats, mindfulness and yoga teachers often use this colour personality; they are telling their customers just what they can do for them.

After all that is the power of colour; being able to evoke a reaction, being able to convey without words that you have a solution to your ideal client’s problem. Yes, your branding needs to be cohesive, but the visuals have to be cohesive with your brand voice to get your message across as successfully as possible.

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