Guest Post: 5 Ways Wedding Blogs Can Boost Your Bridal Business (+ Free List of 90 Useful Wedding Blogs!)

I am delighted to introduce our guest blogger, Jessica from the blog Apple Brides. Based in northern Idaho, USA, the goal of this fantastic wedding blog is to help local brides and grooms plan the wedding of their dreams with inspiration and local vendors.

Here, Jessica shares with us why wedding blogs are so important for bridal businesses and how they can help you.

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It’s pretty impossible to avoid stumbling across a wedding blog when you work in the industry. Whether nationally recognised or a local niche blog, these inspirational sites are a cornerstone of our industry, and that’s a good thing. Why? Here are 5 ways that wedding blogs can help your business, if you take advantage of them!

1.    Increase Advertising Exposure.

When blogs have a vendor directory, especially local or regional blogs, advertising with them can help stretch your marketing dollars and advertise your business to a large target market. It can also increase your exposure on social media, which is important for making face time with potential clients.

2.    Publish Your Work!

This one goes without saying… or does it? Most vendors know blogs publish features that wedding vendors create, whether real or styled, but many often write themselves off or forget to submit. Big mistake! Editors can only feature what gets sent to them, so acknowledge your hard work and submit that wedding from last summer to your favourite blog! The more you submit, the more exposure you’re likely to get.

3.    Provide Community 

Often blogs will host networking events, or have Facebook groups for advertisers. These additional resources are a great way to maintain a sense of community and meet some like-minded friends in the industry!

4.    Help with Social Media Material 

We all know posting regularly is crucial, but it can be difficult to come up with what exactly to post, especially during the slow season. Blogs often give advertisers social media shout-outs that can be reposted, or highlight content that you can re-post on your own page (while giving credit, of course!).

5.    Provide Opportunities

Whether it’s writing a guest post that can help you gain exposure and establish your credibility as an industry expert, participating in an event they’re hosting, or collaborating on a styled shoot, being ‘in’ with bloggers, especially local or regional ones, in this case, often opens doors for small business owners. After all, bloggers want to help vendors!

Remember, blogs are businesses, just like yours, and they want to help everyone in their community succeed. So be sure to take advantage of what they offer! See room for improvement? Reach out to editors. There’s room for everyone in this industry, and we should all strive to improve it. 

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