The Best Investments I Made in My First Year in Business

Making investments is a scary, difficult and uncomfortable thing. It is also a necessary, exciting and door-opening opportunity! These are just some of the best investments I made this year that have had incredible results for me.

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Before I launched in June, I knew I needed professional photos. Not only do they help make my website and social media look beautiful, they also make me look like the professional that I am. They show both my audience and ME that I believe in myself enough to invest. Read more here!


My photographer, Hannah McClune, introduced me to Charlie Kingsland-Barrow, an amazing business and mindset coach (she also does many other things, but it is in this capacity that I came to her!). Chances to work with her closely can be rare, so when I had the opportunity to spend a day in the Cotswolds meeting her to learn about strategy, I couldn’t turn it down!

That day I learnt important lessons about both business and myself. I learnt where my passion lies, why I do what I do and what was blocking my way.


I found Chichi Eruchalu through Charlie’s programme that sadly no longer runs. A killer business coach and visibility mastermind, I wanted to work with her and when her Visibility Vortex programme with twelve exclusive places opened, I found the money because I knew where it could take my business!

Technology and Workspace

When I launched I was working from a laptop on a makeshift workspace. In August I couldn’t take that any longer and invested in a brand new computer, big monitor and an awesome desk. I’m a professional and need the space to prove it!

Social Media Help

Pinterest was something I knew could be transformative, but I didn’t really know how to bring it to life. I could have trawled the net for free blog posts, but I knew I needed 1:1 help to do it most effectively. I got my Pinterest set up professionally, which I then built upon. Such great teamwork has reaped amazing results- from 13 daily pin views to 17,000 in just six months! 

Virtual Assistance

In the words of one of my coaches, “if it’s not making you money, give it to someone else to do”. I agreed in principle but found it hard to carry out with limited funds. However, I did find the money and now I have an amazing VA on my team to make sure 2017 is a smooth and super successful year!

What investments do you want to make?