5 Things You Need To Know About Using Pinterest For Business (Successfully!)

Pinterest is definitely a way to lose hours of our time having fun. However, it is no longer just for inspiration, recipes and pretty pictures; it can be a key marketing tool in the online business world. Here I’m sharing five important things you need to know about using Pinterest for business successfully.

5 things you need to know about using pinterest for business successfully, plus a free guide how to brand your pinterest profile. As a female entrepreneur, blogger or small business owner, pinterest is a big platform for social media marketing. Increase your blog traffic, get more followers and more sales!

1. You need to create your own content (regularly)

Yes, pinning other people’s content is important (the suggested rule of thumb is 80% other people’s, 20% yours). However, if you don’t have any of your own content to share (or you just don’t pin it consistently), how are people going to see you?

2. Your boards must be relevant

When setting up boards, do so with your ideal client in mind. What do they want to see? What will entice them to spend more time on your profile and follow you? This isn’t your personal planning toy anymore; it’s a huge marketing opportunity. You can keep personal boards, just set them to secret. 

Note: Having a board for your own content is a must.

3. Followers aren’t everything

Yes, followers are great because they will see your new content. But how often do you click on a post you find useful, pin it to a board but forget to follow the person? If you’re like me, it happens often. I know that I pin resources I find useful, but I don’t always follow the contributor or their board. However, because I’ve seen it and saved it, they are on my radar.

4. Group boards are awesome

Group boards are those where the contributor invites others to pin their own content to it as well. Being a part of one gives your pins a higher reach than just using your own board; and with more eyes on it, the chances of your content being re-pinned increase. To find applicable group boards, use Pingroupie where you can search for the topic you want!

5. You need to be active

I know, running a business can be so time-consuming you probably think you don’t have time to spend on Pinterest every day. And you know, that’s true for me. However, there is an awesome tool that can do this for you- Boardbooster. With scheduling and looping tools, it can do the pinning while you do your work.

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