5 Reasons Why You Need To Brand Your Pinterest Profile (+ FREE 5-Page Guide How To Do It!)

As for me, I am sure that for 99% of you reading this, your ideal client uses Pinterest. Whether they use it for work or pleasure (or both!), you have a chance to get seen. Therefore, it's important to send the right message and make your audience want more from you when they find your soon-to-be gorgeous profile. Read on for 5 reasons why you NEED to get branding those boards!

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1. It’s clear

This is fundamental. You want people to spend time on your Pinterest profile, right?!  Well, that’s not going to happen if they see your boards in chaos and no explanations of who you are. Your message needs to come across clearly and concisely (and quickly). A branded profile takes your audience on a well signposted journey that makes them want more of YOU. 

2. It looks professional

 We make judgements very quickly, so your profile needs to scream professionalism. A branded Pinterest says you have put time into it and that you value your business highly- you are so proud of your brand that you want to extend it to your social media. If YOU value yourself and your business, then your audience will, too.

3. You become recognisable

One of the best compliments I have received is someone commenting that they can tell just by glancing at my posts on social media that it is me. THAT is the goal- to be recognised by your visuals and style alone. So branding your boards is another way to achieve it. Why wouldn't you want to get the most out of your beautiful branding?

4. It shows you understand your audience

By having relevant pinterest boards that your ideal client wants to view, you are showing that you ‘get’ them. You understand their likes, loves, tastes, style, goals and dreams. Why wouldn’t they want to work with someone who understands them like that?!

5. It builds trust

Trust is one of those things that has to be earned and built upon. Seeing your Pinterest profile once might not be enough to convince your client they need to work with you… yet. But they will want to follow an awesome account such as yours and you will stay in their mind, thus earning their trust and establishing a relationship before contact has even been made!

So, branding your boards is a MUST to build your audience and grow your own tribe and create a professional buzz. Want to know HOW to do it? Get the free 5-page guide!


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